Volunteering…What makes you do it?

Volunteering…What makes you do it?

There is this overwhelming belief that you will only get someone to do something outside of their family…… if they are paid for it.  The truth is…. that this is just not the case….. in fact they want to do it.  Williams James said “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”.


Many individuals will give up their free time to be part of something bigger, because in the end they will be appreciated for their efforts.  We all in some way or another want to be a part of something bigger and we want to see it grow.  It gives us validation and defines our character.  B2B marketers was started out of the desire to help marketers in their space and have a resource to improve and sharpen their swords.  B2B marketers are different than B2C and they have their own unique sets of challenges. We are the only marketing organization that focuses on the unique aspects of B2B marketers in Indianapolis. We seek to help build trusted advisers. Speaking of building relationships…..our next event is all about building relationships! We can all read resources online everyday but learning in the flesh takes you to another level.

In this video of what motivates us, it was shown that what motivates is challenge and mastery. I know personally I have learned and/or sharpened many marketing skill sets by volunteering for both B2B Marketers and the Indy AMA.

Marketing Volunteers

No matter how little or small you can think you can contribute perhaps we can find a fit for you! Maybe you can find your purpose in helping teach other B2B marketers.  Please reach out to us if this sounds like you!!

~Jennifer Denney

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Jennifer is a passionate and driven digital marketing strategist with 9 years of experience in the field. She stays knowledgeable of the latest trends in digital marketing by continuing to grow through studying the results, consistent daily self-educating and seminars. She also stays well networked with like-minded marketing professionals and is why she has joined B2B Marketers. Her mission is to help strengthen the Indianapolis marketing community in their knowledge of best practices for B2B organizations.

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