Merge Your PR and Content Marketing Efforts

Merge Your PR and Content Marketing Efforts

You’d like to work together with your PR department more often but it’s…complicated. There are competing directives, different reporting and budget structures, and plenty of office politics to navigate.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Half the battle is just finding out what the other hand is doing. When you do, you can find ways to consolidate your efforts, cut down on duplications, and get more done, with less.

To help you in this effort, I’ve created a spreadsheet you can use as a “conversation starter.” It’s entirely possible that neither marketing or PR has a detailed one-year schedule at the ready. But working through the sheet together, you’ll be able to see where the predictable workflows are. You’ll begin to talk about what materials you already have on hand, and what resources you’ll need for the future. You’ll begin to talk about priorities, needs, and who in the organization is available to help. In short, you’ll get the beginnings of a roadmap. When you’re done, I suggest creating a separate document, which month by month, will outline some of the projects you will undertake together.

To learn more, download my presentation “Supercharge your Content Marketing Efforts with PR” and my project worksheet, here. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

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