Join Hands With PR to Supercharge Your Content Marketing

Join Hands With PR to Supercharge Your Content Marketing

In most companies, marketing handles content marketing, and communications handles PR, and never the twain shall meet. This is mainly because the two areas have different goals: PR’s, to influence, and content marketing’s, to drive contacts through the sales funnel.

And yet… You’re both putting out blogs. Promoting the company’s products. Trying to develop relationships with consumers and other interested publics. The truth is, the line between what these two departments do is getting blurrier every day.

PR & Content Marketing

And the competition for eyeballs is fierce. According to The Content Marketing Manifesto, 2.73 million blog posts are written and posted every day. So why aren’t more companies joining hands with content and PR to make sure your communications are as focused, and meaningful, and well distributed as possible?  How many resources are you missing, and how many contacts are you leaving on the table, by not coordinating these two efforts, at least in some small way?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a content plan format that coordinates with scheduled outputs from PR?
  • Do I know who the “expertise leaders” are in my company…those people who have       enough of the institutional knowledge about our product to be interesting to our audience?
  • Is there an opportunity to brand more of our executive staff in the industry, and among customers?
  • Is my content marketing effort aligned with our product publicity efforts?
  • Are my employees given the resources and training they need to be effective content ambassadors for the company?
  • Are my people trained on the company’s social media policies? Are my social media policies adequate?
  • Is there a protocol for crisis management in the company? Does that protocol extend to your content marketing efforts?

I’ve been in the PR business for 25 years, and I’ve seen a lot change. Technology has changed a lot about how we deliver our message…one that we can now take directly to our audience. That’s’ exciting stuff. But, in the rush to maximize new technologies, many content marketers are guilty of not thinking broadly enough about the impact their work has on the organization’s overall communications goals. Holding hands with the comms department is good for more than just a round of “cumbayah.” It can save everyone time and money, too.

We’ll be exploring this topic, and a whole lot more, in an upcoming talk. Sign up now

–Susan Gosselin is the principal of Gosselin PR, a freelance agency based in Carmel, IN.  For more information on her, and her work, visit


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