Insights Through DISC Behavioral Profiles

Insights Through DISC Behavioral Profiles

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests and thought, “Well that’s interesting, but I don’t know what practical good that information will do for me?”

If so, the September B2B Marketers of Indiana meeting is different.  Think practical.

Because marketing (and sales) requires good communication skills in order to influence behavior, we will help you improve your communication skills by utilizing the DISC behavioral testing tools to:

1.) Determine our personal communication style.  (But we won’t stop there.)
2.) Present ways to recognize other behavioral styles. (But we won’t stop there.)
3.) In order to improve our communication (and influence) with those other behavioral profiles.

If you already have recent DISC behavioral test results, then bring them along.  Otherwise, you can pay for the test we will administer during our meeting.  You will be able to get your score right away and learn and take that information and your test results with you.


Curt -picCurt Franke, a Senior Sales Executive of Compendium, will be our presenter.   Curt has been with manufacturers, rep firms, tech firms, and service firms, both B2B and B2C, and always in sales roles. That background has included a stint in sales training and the DISC information he has picked up and added to along the way has been some of the most valuable knowledge he has gained because of its applicability not just for sales and marketing, but for all of his other communications, including parenting.  Curt has been married to the same lovely woman for 22 years and they have three boys who are loved, but not nearly so lovely.

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