Expert’s insights provide B2B marketers with ways to improve email marketing.

Expert’s insights provide B2B marketers with ways to improve email marketing.

Neil Berman, CEO & President of Delivra shared some valuable insights from a recent B2B market study of email marketing. Delivra hosted the March lunch event for the B2B Marketers of Indiana and Neil Berman was on hand to provide some great info for all who attended. If you have ever struggled with an email marketing program, Neil’s insights helped focus attention on what is most important.

All to often marketers get tied up in the wrong details. We tend to focus on when an what and not so much on who and why. In other words, marketers can sweat details like when they send the message and what the subject line should or shouldn’t be, but often overlook the most critical elements like who they are sending to and why they are sending an email…which basically boils down to your strategy. What is your email marketing strategy? As in many things marketing strategy is still king. So bottom line, according to Neil: if you want the quality of your list to grow, then develop a strategy that will deliver on that objective.

Yes, all details matter. And the more refined you can be with your email marketing the better. BUT, if you sacrifice strategy in lieu of timing and messaging…it doesn’t really matter, does it?

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