Submerge and Emerge! Digging into Client DNA!

Submerge and Emerge!  Digging into Client DNA!

Submerge and Emerge!  Sounds like a submarine, but the process applies to marketing, discovery and great client outcomes!

B2B May 18 2016 MillerbrooksMiller Brooks, a full service marketing communications agency in Zionsville, delivered a great B2B marketing presentation in May.  Barbie Wentworth, the President and CEO, along with Uriaha Foust, the Creative Director at Miller Brooks, discussed their strategy and preferred process for client discovery and creation development.

Submerge is like digging deep into the detail!  This can be a bit challenging for some, although most exciting for those making the “discovery”; just like finding buried treasure.  The “discovery” phase of submerging helps Miller Brooks understand their comrade’s strategy, needs and current company structure.

The emerge” phase helps the comrade (client) blossom into a more creative, current and relevant entity!  Emerge with a new brand identity, logo, strategy or overall more appealing culture!  Miller Brooks says “truth is fuel!” which is so true!  Yet for some, truth requires such transparency and may seem so revealing, they may not be ready for the truth to be shared.  Then I would ask, what favoritism might be exposed or what long standing but ineffective processes, is being covered up or are those in charge not ready to face?  Truth helps everyone involved move forward more effectively!

Miller Brooks, will help your business explore “what makes your brand authentic, exposing the truths that makes it unique and distilling messages to their most potent forms.”   Great truth, innovation and business breakthrough’s may occur!

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