Marketing Strategies, Tactics, Trends & Technologies

Marketing Strategies, Tactics, Trends & Technologies

Marketing Strategies! The B2B marketing and digital panel of experts, members and guests converged on the new Ruth Chris restaurant in downtown Indianapolis to share their thoughts on topics, tactics, trends and technologies facing the marketing industry.   

John Harrison, founder of B2B Marketers of Indiana, moderated the expert panel, which included Amy Baker, Bill Dawson and Erin Sparks.  This annual signature event, which started in 2015 is always a hit!  Keeping up with the technological changes in the world is a daily challenge.      
Strategically, using marketing technology and the tools available engage and affect the buyer’s journey or online follower.  Tracking the buyer’s journey and technological engagement helps companies to know what is attracting people to their website, their content and their posts.  One strategically agreed to principle is the use of marketing technology, various digital and social media channels, including emails, the company website, twitter, Facebook and more, to create an engaging “buyer’s journey”.

Using the data collected from the customer’s online journey may help the company understand their customer’s buying cycle.  The big question is will that journey on social media lead to a sale?  If so, how long does that take? 

Tracking the buyer’s journey give you analytical data to discover what engages your customer and followers.  The never-ending questions is, just what all is being tracked and by whom? Just know, many companies are tracking consumer engagement! 

Let us know your thoughts on cutting edge marketing technology, tactics and trends and what you think works best!  Check out the B2B Marketers of Indiana

Until then . . . . . do your best marketing!   Donna

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