Marketing & Margarita’s Part 2

Marketing & Margarita’s Part 2

Marketing Resources & Opportunities from Marketing & Margarita’s

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In addition to the literal “social” marketing aspect of the “Marketing and Margarita’s” event, like meeting people, networking and learning about some great marketing organizations, additional marketing companies and resources were on hand. Special give-aways and information on other marketing events!

Educational workshops and fun events are a great opportunity to mix business and pleasure in a unique setting. One such event will be the upcoming Inbound Inbound Marketing Bar Camp, created by Spinweb. This will be a unique marketing event at the Skyline Club in downtown Indianapolis in October 2015. Inbound Marketing Bar Camp will focus on inbound marketing education provide by various marketers and networking. Paid participants will have an opportunity to determine the content of programming for the day in a unique and progressive voting fashion.

Inbound Marketing Camp

According to the website, The Inbound Marketing Barcamp  “is an international network of user-generated conferences primarily focused around technology and the web. They are open, crowd sourced workshop events.”   As their website states, Inbound Marketing BarCamp seems like it will be a great opportunity for is perfect for marketing directors, CEOs, business owners, sales and business development pros, and anyone else responsible for promoting and growing their business.

Free Online webinars and marketing workshops are often available, if you are searching for resources.  Resources and opportunities mentioned here are not endorsed by the Board of B2B Marketers of Indiana; these are listed purely as a resource, because the companies were Sponsor’s of the Marketing and Margarita’s event. These resources are for you to investigate on your own behalf.Spinweb

Advertising is a tool in your marketing toolbox, whether that is online, print, social media, TV, radio or elsewhere. Spinweb is also the proud host of Spin Radio.  This features unique programming with marketing ideas on a radio broadcast. Current and past shows are heard by tuning into the Spin Radio website. Mike Reynolds this month talks four being a “human brand” on social media!     The program can be heard every Friday at Ten (10) AM Eastern time.

Edge of the Web Radio, hosted by Erin Sparks and Thomas Brodbeck of Site Strategics also supported Marketing and Margarita’s. Site Strategies specializes in full scale Digital Marketing including SEO, SEM, Content, and Social media.  They know B2B is important and so is face-to-face networking! Their radio broadcast is designed to help the listener with inbound marketing ideas, issues and sales strategies.

Site Strategics Digital Marketing

Edge of Web Radio programs can always be found on their live stream at  or via the website  or heard live on Saturdays at Three (3) P.M. on Freedom 95.9 WFDM and 950 AM WXLW.

Edge of the Web Radio

Chose the resources best for you and your needs! Cheers!





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