Marketing and Margaritas

Marketing and Margaritas

Wow, what a great evening of networking, fun, food and meeting great marketing professionals at the Skyline Club in the One America building for Marketing and Margarita’s!   A festive mid-summer evening!  This creative event was hosted by the Skyline Club Young Professional’s Club and featured several outstanding marketing groups in Indianapolis.   The summer taste of margaritas and tacos on the top floor of One America with a fantastic view of our fair city.

PRSA  was present representing the importance of public relations in marketing-communications as well as social media!  This group hosts unique events for the public relations, communications, marketing and media professionals.  PRSA holds an APR accreditation annually for those desiring to display their commitment to their craft.  For more information email them at or visit their website .

The American Marketing Association  was represented by their incoming President, Jennifer Denney at the event.  As their website states “Be an active member to get the most from your IndyAMA membership”.  In any of these groups, the more you put into the group the more you get out of it! “ Be engaged” with the groups you participate in!  Otherwise it is like an unused gym membership!

B2B marketers of Indiana, the Business to Business marketing organization,  is a growing  “not-for-profit” group  “exclusively devoted to helping business-to-business marketers interact and stay on top of current technology, strategies and success stories”.  If you are interested in membership, please email them at       Marketing Networking- Marketing and Margaritas (1)


Each marketing group has sponsorship opportunities, special events, meetings and of course, membership. Engagement and involvement in the group, as well as event attendance, are the best way’s to secure the most value from your membership!

All three organizations offer unique and important aspects of marketing when it comes to your “marketing toolbox”.   Each group offers ways to connect with other professionals, make connections, gain knowledge and potentially advance your  career.

Join a marketing, communications or public relations group that works best for you.  Hope to see you at the next B2B Marketer’s of Indiana meeting, August 19, 2015!


PRSA accredidation


AMA events


B2B sponsorship


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