Do you have an EDGE?

Do you have an EDGE?

Advantage brings opportunity!  How do you define a marketing “advantage”?  Do you have an edge or “favor”? Brand leaders, like NIKE, have secured their edge.  Great and thought provoking questions!

Some may call an edge a competitive advantage, “superior business position”, perceived value, “favor” or maybe it is inherently “earned advantage” from diligent superior effort.  According to Daniel Herndon, of MilesHerndon at the last B2B meeting, “height” provides people an “edge”; quite literally, a head and shoulders advantage above the crowd.  I agree!  Think of basketball players!  They have a “competitive advantage” with their height.

When you are in a crowded room, who do you see first?  Usually those that are tall, stand straight, shoulders back, smiling (or not) and often dressed impressively and looking professional.  How do you present yourself?  This is part of your brand!  When you make a presentation or present a proposal, you are part of that!  You represent your brand!

Height is something that is genetic. You cannot control it; you can affect height with heels.  Standing up straight, shoulders back, smiling and dressing for the occasion, you do control.  You represent yourself and your company!  What are you doing to make that positive?

Do you have a marketing edge? A b2b edge? A sales edge?  Do you have a clear cut defining feature that makes you stand out among your peers?  Do you have a competitive advantage?  If so, what is that for you?   What got you there?  Daddy’s dollar’s, momma’s friend’s, being in the right place at the right time or your outstanding ability and personality plus?

When it comes to B2B marketing, what is your edge; your competitive advantage?  How do you present yourself to your customers?  Personally, face to face, phone or in email, or perhaps another way?

EDGE according to Daniel this is:

E – Expecting the best; the expectations of the market
D – Delivering value
G – Giving what the client wants
E – Earning the clients business.

We earn influence, admiration, authority and respect!  Build on your strengths, assets and God given advantages!  They may bring you “favor”!  Marketing is an art!  Marketing is a special mix of initiatives, communication, advantages, client “touch” moments, timing, sometimes need and often “favor” that gives your product or service that EDGE you need to make the sale!

Know your edge and use it to your advantage!

Written by Donna Martz, Aspire Consulting


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